Moving a Topic under Grace Period should write to Edit History

(cpradio) #1

Okay, so this came up because a lot of our staff became confused on why we got a notification for a topic that isn’t in a category we are watching.

The user recently joined (TL 2 or below), they created a topic in Category A, then under the edit grace window period, they changed the category to Category B.

Staff were notified because they were watching Category A, but then saw the topic under Category B. There is nothing in the Edit history as shown by this example on

My question is, should there be? Changing categories is a fairly significant change. I don’t mind the fact that the user can do that in the grace period, but I sort of mind that we can’t tell they did that.

If a TL 3 or a Staff member were to move the topic under the grace period, it does get logged in the Edit History (rightfully so).

Any thoughts on this matter?

(Régis Hanol) #2

That happens only because they aren’t the OP. Not because of their role/TL or because their changed the category.

(cpradio) #3

I was thinking that too (just didn’t say it out loud… :slight_smile: ).

(Mittineague) #4

I’m wondering about Notifications. eg.

Watching "Awesome"
Muting “Lame”

Member posts in Awesome then moves to Lame
I get a notification anyway?

Member posts in Lame then moves to Awesome
I get no notification?

(cpradio) #5

That is part of the reason why I’d want to see this logged. As you are affecting other members and they have no idea why they were notified and there isn’t anything that tells them (or why you weren’t notified).

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The answer is to reduce your grace period to basically nothing, if you want that level of tracking.