Moving Discourse instance to Production

(Chris D) #1

Hi there! I have been testing Discourse internally with my team for some months now, and now we’re ready to have external users try it out. (They are outside of our network/domain). Earlier today, I had our network administrator open up port 80 in our firewall to allow people outside to get the Discourse forum ( but I get a “page cannot be displayed” error when I went outside and tried to get to the forum. So the site in not accessible from the outside for some reason :(. Can someone give me tips on which changes (if any) need to be made to make the Discourse site reachable from outside my network/domain? Do I need to change something about the Docker container settings or open some other ports in the firewall?BTW- I just tested and the Discourse is reachable from the internal network.


(Kane York) #2

Is the firewall actually directing port 80 to the correct internal IP?

This seems like something you should talk with your sysadmins about.

(Chris D) #3

Turned out to just be a DNS issue, all good now. Only port 80 needed to be opened. Thanks!