Moving from Scaleway to DigitalOcean

I have a discourse forum running on Scaleway, but i’d like to move it to DigitalOcean. Both of them provide a one-click install (i’m not sure if they setup in the same way)

What would be the preferred way to move?

I haven’t done this before, but instinct tells me you’d want to just create a backup and download it locally, then set up a fresh discourse install on digitalocean using the 30 minute method, change your domain name pointing as needed. Once you are able to log into the fresh install, you can then restore from your backup.


Thanks for the reply mate.
I’m not very sure if the setup is exactly the same… but i think the best way to find is - to just do it!
I will post the results here after i’m done, cheers


@prateekvarma any specific reasons to move from scaleway to digital ocean ?

Yes. The performance difference is huge between them. Besides, Scaleway is young and has just one plan right now. Not a good option for a growing forum…

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Did you migrate eventually? How big is your community? I thought the performance would compare? Could you please explain a bit about the performance of Scaleway hosting?

Hello, yes i did move. You can simply export the database and use it in your new installation.
Basically, Scaleway offers ARM processors , clocked at 1.3 Ghz (quite weak)… and DO processors are Intel Xeon, clocked at 2.4 or 2.6 Ghz (i’m not sure).

And, ARM processors gave me a little headache in setting up my firewalls too.
Though Scaleway offers 2GB RAM, but the processor power counts a fair lot. I’m not saying Scaleway is bad, but just by paying a little more you can get something much better at DigitalOcean.


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Why are you switching from Scaleway to Digital Ocean?

That was two years ago and the question was answered back then:


Yeah saw that. Was gonna ask if they’re still on Digital Ocean and whether they still feel that way about Scaleway.