Moving from standalone to multisite

(Guillermo Garron) #1


I have discourse standalone on Digital Ocean up and running, it is configured as a spanish forum (language set to spanish)

Now I need to run another forum, this time in English, here is what I plan to do.

  • Create a new container and setup Discourse as multisite
  • Export the database of the standalone forum
  • Import the database from the above point in site 1.
  • Set the language of the second forum to English and the first one to Spanish
  • Destroy the docker container of the standalone forum (please guide me on how to achieve this point)

Are those steps right? Is there a better or other way to do it?

By the way my actual forum is new and small (backup database 4 megs)



(Sam Saffron) #2

More or less, but any use of multisite needs to come with this very clear warning

If you are using multisite you must be comfortable hacking on Discourse

That means the Ruby code must not be alien to you and you must know how to rebake posts (which you will need to do post migration)

Its an advanced feature that requires an advanced skillset

(Guillermo Garron) #3

Thanks a lot,

I learned a little of PHP, and a little of ruby and Linux Admin on my own, but I think I will not do this, as I do not have the time I used to have before.

Your warning comes in perfect timing. Thanks for the answer.