Moving group messages from one group to another

Now groups support multiple incoming email addresses I have 3 groups I have to merge into one. Whats the best approach to move the three groups into one (retaining history of course) without losing the archived posts?

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This may be a feature request - I’m not sure there’s a straightforward way to do this now.

If I were you, what I’d try to do is add the new group to the messages in question and then delete the old groups only after doing that. I suspect the old group will just no longer show in the message recipient list.

It should work the same way as adding or removing a user from a message.

I don’t think I can invite a group to group message? Doesn’t seem to work at least.

You are right - there is missing functionality to invite/remove groups from messages, which has been raised in another topic.

@carlokok did you get anywhere with moving group messages from one group to another? If so, can you share a recipe? Thanks! :seedling:

Of course. You can invite 1 group in another essentially adding that group. (and you can then optionally remove the old group); so this works fine now for us.


Thanks, Carlo! So you followed my advice and it worked. :slight_smile: That’s great. I can see how that works individually for one message.

I have a big backlog of messages that are in the wrong group… and am looking for ways to change the group en masse. If you have any leads on how to do this, let me know. Here’s a topic I started about that: Rake task to bulk change users and groups in a message?