Moving messages to existing topics is broken on mobile

This issue has been around for a very long time. I thought it was due to the small screen estate of iPhone SE, but now I switched to 6+ inch Android device, and the issue persists.

Prerequisites: A community with lots of topic and posts
Impacts: iOS and Android

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select messages from a topic that you want to move
  2. Choose to move to an existing topic
  3. Type a common keyword for searching the target topic


The list of matching topics easily exceeds the height of the mobile view. This leads to a state where you cannot navigate anywhere – the list wont scroll up or down, and none of the functional buttons are visible on the screen.


Only impacts moderators and staff with sufficient privileges to move posts. Then again moderators these days are more on mobile devices rather than desktops, thus this makes community moderation inconvenient.

What browser are you seeing this on?

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Chrome (Android) and Safari (iOS). Reproduced on Android 9 and iOS 13 (and earlier), up to date Chrome version.

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I can reproduce the issue but only on the stable branch. It was resolved in tests-passed about a month ago

The stable branch will get the fix in the next release.


Excellent! Keep this topic open and I will verify it after our next maintenance update.