Moving the first post to a different topic doesn't actually move the post, it copies it

(cpradio) #1

So maybe I don’t understand the terminology, but moving a post doesn’t actually move it, it copies it. The post still exists in the original topic, even if it was the only one.

Create two topics
On the second topic, click the wrench, choose Select Posts, select the only post in the second topic and choose Move to existing Topic
Select the first topic you created and click Move to Existing Topic button

It redirects you to the topic you told it to move the post to, but if you go back to the category view/latest view, you’ll see the second topic still exists.

The topic of the post moved isn’t closed or marked invisible, so the user can still interact with that given topic. Am I missing something here, or is this a bug or just bad terminology?

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(Sander Datema) #2

Even if it’s the only post in a topic, the owner would love to know his post was moved. Specially if he sent out links to the topic to other people.

If you look in the original topic, you’ll notice the moved post is gone and replaced by a note that a moderator moved the post and where it was moved to.

(TechnoBear) #3

Perhaps it works differently when the moved post is the only post in the thread, because I can confirm in that instance what @cpradio is saying.

(cpradio) #4

No it isn’t. It still exists in both places now. Yes the message gets added, but the post remains in that topic. I’ll have to try it on a topic that has multiple posts to see if this is an edge case scenario. Be right back with those results :smile:

It does work correctly when there are multiple posts within a topic, but definitely doesn’t when there is only one post.

(Sander Datema) #5

If this only happens when there’s a single post in the topic, then it’s a bug.

(cpradio) #6

Definitely a bug then.

cc: @zogstrip @codinghorror @neil

(Neil Lalonde) #7

That behaviour is on purpose:

post.is_first_post? ? copy(post) : move(post, offset + max_post_number)

I don’t think it makes sense to remove the original post that started a conversation.

(Kane York) #8

Well, I think what happened was that the new conversation/topic wasn’t wanted, and the moderator was trying to move it to an existing topic on the same, well, topic.

I guess the workaround is to Delete the original afterwards?

(cpradio) #9

Yuck, that’s a lot of extra maintenance. Move should mean move, all of the time. If you want to copy, there should be a copy option. Just my opinion.

(Neil Lalonde) #10

If there are no replies, then I agree with you. The original post should say that it was moved.

But if there are replies, then I don’t think the first post should automatically be removed. Whoever is moving it needs to make a decision. They can edit the first post to explain what’s happening and then close the topic, or do something else.

(cpradio) #11

I think you are missing the point then. As in both of my test cases there are zero replies when I am attempting to move the post/topic into another topic.

New topic created, contains only the single post. Try and move it, and it doesn’t move, it copies. So now I have to go and track down the original again to delete the topic, when the action I was wanting to perform should have taken care of that for me.

When there are replies, it works as expected. The post that I choose to move, moves. It isn’t in the original topic anymore.

(TechnoBear) #12

The case in my screenshot was from a real scenario - not a test - where two of us had started topics on the same subject, and agreed it would make sense to merge them. I tried to move the unanswered post into the active discussion and discovered it had not been moved, only copied.

(Mittineague) #13

Just to give my two cents. I don’t think it’s so much when it’s the only post, but when it’s the first post. (an only post being both).

In these cases re-Categorizing the topic should work OK for most “started in the wrong place” situations.

(Neil Lalonde) #14

So, what’s missing is that the “moved from” topic should be deleted automatically. But:

I think closing the duplicate topic is the right thing to do, but it should be left up to the staff of the site to decide how they handle this case.

(Jeff Atwood) #15

The stub is intentional in this case, because it is impossible to guess intent here.

It’s also helpful to leave signposts for others who may have visited the other topic before it magically disappears, leaving no trace…

(cpradio) #16

However, it is strongly misleading to say “move” when you aren’t doing that. The intent is clear, you want to move it, not copy it. I strongly feel the stub that is placed is worthless anyways, I’d rather see that as a notification instead of a stub post. I really dislike all of the stub posts that the system generates automatically as is, as they don’t really serve a purpose.

Want to close a topic? Let’s write a stub post that tells everyone that, even though there is already multiple on page indicators suggesting the topic is closed.

What to re-open it, let’s write another stub post about that, again even though there are indicators showing the topic is open. Ad infinitum.

That may be a personal opinion, but it is just too noisy for my liking. This just feels wrong entirely, as you aren’t moving it, you are copying it.

(TechnoBear) #17

There is definitely a problem here, as a member whose single post is moved receives a “redirect” link which points to the original thread, not the new destination.

I create a topic - “Another test thread - part 1”. SuperTed, an ordinary member without moderator powers, creates another - “Another test thread - part 2”. I then “move” the only post from the second topic to the first. As above, that actually copies it, leaving a second open topic with a duplicate post. SuperTed receives a notification that his post has been moved, but clicking that link takes him back to his original post, not the new location.

If I delete that topic, and he then follows the link, he sees

What is needed is for the notification that his post has been moved to point to the new location, not the old, and for the old single-post topic to be automatically deleted when the post is moved. That ensures both that the member can find the active discussion and that the forum doesn’t fill up with unnecessary closed topics.

(Kane York) #18

Oh! This is the problem for the normal case in moving posts:

Yes, the target of the link should be where it was moved to.

(cpradio) #19

Since this is intentional, shouldn’t it copy any likes associated to the first post to the “copied” post too?

It makes it seem awfully odd that now anyone who may have liked said post has to re-like it because it was “moved” to a better fitting location.


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(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #20

The loss of likes is certainly unexpected.

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