Moving "Welcome to Discourse" post to the top of the page

(Christine Zhuravleva) #1


Please explain me how I can move “Welcome to Discourse” post to the top of the page.

The second question is how I can enable email notifications regarding all other users’ action on our forum.

Thanks in advance.

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If you go to the ‘Welcome to Discourse’ topic, scroll to the bottom it will show unpinned as being selected after you have read it, I think if you select ‘pinned’ it will then remain at the top.

(Christine Zhuravleva) #3

Thanks for reply.

But if I click Pinned Globally, it doesn’t work, it gets back to Unpinned in a few seconds(

(Felix Freiberger) #4

The topic will only automatically unpin itself for each user when they have read it – it will still be pinned for everyone else.

(Dylan) #5

View your site while being logged out, in incognito/private browsing mode for example. You should still see it pinned. Each member will until they’ve read to the bottom, then it will automatically unpin itself as it’s been read already.

(Christine Zhuravleva) #6

Thanks all for your replies.

Another question is can we move the “Welcome post” to the top of the page as for example docker did ( or we need to write something internal in order to do it.

Unfortunately no one answered me regarding the previous question about the email notifications. Can I enable email notifications if I want to receive all notification about all users’ actions?

(Felix Freiberger) #7

If by “actions” you mean “posts”, go to your settings page and look at the Mailing list mode section.

That looks like a banner topic. You can make a topic a banner topic via the :wrench: menu.

(Christine Zhuravleva) #8

Thanks!!! Your answer was very helpful.