MPU margin left on mobile


We are wondering why margin-left is added to the mobile ad unit. We are serving an MPU and it becomes indented and off screen on iPhone 5.

I can see this line is causing it:

.google-dfp-ad.dfp-ad-post-bottom {
.dfp-ad-unit {
margin: 0 0 0 52px;

I can overvide this but was wondering is there a good reason for it which Im missing?

I don’t see those margins on mobile.

It looks like you’re seeing the desktop view in a narrow browser.

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Hey @neil

I dont think its that. If Look at the Car Talk on my iPhone. At the top I see MPU like this:

Which looks great but if I scroll down the ad in middle of posts look like this:

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I guess I should ask: what is an MPU?

Sorry @neil

Its a 300x250 ad e.g. Spyro ad.

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I see the problem and committed a fix that will remove the left margins on narrow widths.


Amazing, thank you. Really appreciate this.