MS Excel does not support Hindi language in user exported data

When a user downloaded his data from his preference page, the first column of the file (opened in MS Excel) shows machines language characters (problem is only with Hindi language, English is shown ok).

Why is it so? Is there some solution?

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@techAPJ is this an encoding issue?


I am unable to repro this issue on my local dev instance with topic title and body in Hindi.

@BobbyZopfan can you PM me the exported file and the link to your instance?

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Yes. Doing that in the next 15 minutes.

I was able to open the file @BobbyZopfan provided on Sublime Text / Numbers app on macOS just fine. It might be Excel related issue.


MS products in non-English locales have a bad habit of defaulting to non UTF-8 locales. Double check that you set your MS Excel to UTF-8 when opening the file.


This is not really a Discourse issue, it is more an issue of all computer software and how files are opened with encodings…