Multi line settings? Is it possible?

(eriko) #1

Ok so here is my question. Is it possible to have a multi line entry field in settings. The type of a is a text so it can be very long but the interface for entering it is a single short line.

Here is what I am trying to do. I want the cas_sso plugin to use the optional ‘Groups’ data that CAS can return in the auth token. This is generally in the form of ldap paths from AD so they are long. Using this data the plugin could make sure that the user is in group that can have an account before making an account for them. This check could be either way with a must have or must have not group. Basically I want a enter in a list of groups to check against. A better option would be being able create/delete ‘authorized’ groups in more list like way but a textbox would work.

Any thought?

Uses case: Frequently colleges have accounts that are issued very temporarily for guests and other people that are not students,staff or faculty. These people should not be able to have accounts.

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(Sam Saffron) #2

Can’t you do the “list of things” same way as we do other lists eg: post_menu

(eriko) #3

Doh. That would do it.


(Ilya Kuchaev) #4

And what about the list of lists? Can I do it now? For ex. Groups tab. Can I implement such interface via pugin?

(eriko) #5

I would look in the existing settings for something like that and see what the default yaml has for that.