Multi-site, Multi-tenant, SSO?

(David Aronchick) #1


I’ve been reading about a bunch of the different SSO work, which seems great, and also the great Multisite/MultiTenant support. Did anything come of these topics:

Ideally, I’m trying to create a grouping of different forums, in which a user may want to have a single login across all, but without having them bleed together. Think “Chevy Forum” (with lots of topics about Chevy), “Ford Forum”, etc. Using one forum doesn’t feel like the right way to go about this - there are just too many facets that will be specific to a given forum to have one forum supply all.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

SSO would be the way to go here. If each site looks to the master for SSO, once you are logged in on a single subsite, you should be logged in on all of them.

(Although you would need to visit each site at least once to be truly “logged in”.)