Multi-site on single scalable DB with common login

(Kiran Bellare) #1

I’m looking to use a single instance of Discourse with multiple sites (potentially scaling to 100s-1000s of sites so the manual DB migration approach won’t work), where a user has a common login across these sites.

I’ve read prior discussions on multi-site but they seemed focused on separate logins. This is a different scenario as it has a common login across sites and may be easier to implement with a single scalable DB and each site/sub-domain is modeled as a “super-category” that contains the categories.

  • the user sees 1 site (super-category) on a page
  • Search and “Similar Posts” suggestions is scoped only for that site (super-category).
  • Moving conversations from 1 site to another is not a must-have but may be a nice-to-have if it comes for free without much incremental changes.

-> Any guidelines on how to take the current code-base and implement this? If someone experienced in this code-base that has done this/can do this, pl. refer.


(Kiran Bellare) #2

Any update on this? Please advise …

(Jason May) #3

@kiran_bellare I have a similar need for multiple forums on a single database. I just started looking at the code to get an idea of effort. @sam hinted that this might be a 2-month chunk of work.

If you’re still thinking about this and want to chat, private-msg me here.