Multi-site requirement

(Hammad Abbasi) #1

I am going to implement multi-site discourse using docker, Can someone share what should be the minimum configuration of my server to host 15-20 sites ?

(Matt Palmer) #2

Because of the way multisite works, you need the same amount of resources to host 20-30 sites as you would one site with the same amount of aggregate traffic. Without knowing that, anything would be a guess.

(Hammad Abbasi) #3

Fair enough, One more question - Can i make this multi-site feature work without using docker? ( I am not entirely sure if the multi-site is only possible via docker)

(Matt Palmer) #4

No idea. We don’t support non-Docker installs, because there’s a zillion ways of doing it, so I’ve never tried. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t (it’s just a config file and such), but if you break it, you get to keep both pieces.

(Hammad Abbasi) #5

are you able to share if docker uses single Instance for web and multiple instance of data for mult-site setup ?

(Matt Palmer) #6

It can go either way. There’s nothing special, from a container split perspective, between single site and multisite.

(Hammad Abbasi) #7

ok got it . Thanks for your help.