Multiple Instance with shared backup

I want to have multiple discourse instance of single forum using kubernetes.
I want to know the backup created by both the instance are in sync .
If not how to achieve this ?

There should be only one database and one redis. There is nothing to sync.

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Thank you for reply but i was thinking to have postgres in HA and i will be using kubernetes for container management.

Having PostgreSQL in HA is kinda of off topic here. I suggest the official docs:

You can implement it however you see fit, and just point Discourse to the connection endpoint using the environment variables. We can assure that Discourse works fine with it, as we have some instances using AWS RDS PostgreSQL in HA.

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Thank you.
One question how back up works .
Suppose I have multiple instance of Discourse for one forum , so can i have shared backup location ? or both instance will create a seperate backup?

Discourse backup will be triggered by the instance that receives the backup request.

If you are running multiple, I recommend going with block storage for the files (S3 and the clones) and PostgreSQL level backup (standard in hosted HA PostgreSQL like RDS).