Multisite digest email

(etewiah) #1

I have successfully set up multisite but I noticed today that the digest emails for all the sites were using the url for the main site.

Is there a place to configure the digest email setting for each site in a multisite setup?


(Robin Ward) #2

I wonder if you had any outstanding jobs in side kiq or if you forgot to restart it after the multisite configuration.

There shouldn’t be any special settings required if you set it up properly.

(etewiah) #3

Thanks for the reply Robin.
What happened was that I had had sidekiq off for a few days ( I’m doing tests with a few sites on one server and sidekiq was consuming too much memory). I noticed the wrong url after I started sidekiq - which was long after I configured multisite.
Its not a big issue for me right now as only one of the multiple sites will only really be used - I just thought I’d mention it in case it was a bug that has not been noticed.
I’ll try to investigate a bit more to see if I can narrow down the exact series of steps to reproduce the issue.

(Jeff Atwood) #4