"Must approve users" functionality impact to existing users

(Andrew Stroup) #1

Random question that I figure someone knows the answer to without me either screwing over my user base or spinning up an entirely separate Discourse server.

Does this mean that I’ll need to go into every existing user’s account and “verify” their account like a new registered user OR something worse will happen to the existing users? Thanks!

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(Kane York) #2

Yup, you’ve got the idea.

This setting is very much a “pick it when you start” option.

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(Jeff Atwood) #3

One change @neil made so that this is at least a little less painful – the “hey your account is now approved!!” email that is normally sent to users when you approve them, is no longer sent to users who already had valid accounts before approval was enabled.

So it’s just a little busywork on your end to “approve” users who already gained access before account approval was required…

(Andrew Stroup) #4

Got it, thanks, appreciate the help!

(Summer) #5

What does this look like?

I want to enable this for our forum, but we have a bunch of invited users.

I understand I will need to approve the current users. I suppose I just do this under “Users.” Is it something that is quickly done? Do I just check a bunch of boxes?

For those whom I invited but have yet to accept, will they still be able to accept the invite?

(Sam Saffron) #6

It should be fairly simple and fast - just check the boxes. Not 100% but I think invited users are auto-approved, not sure you will need to double check.

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(Melissa) #7

Rather than start a new thread, I want to know if there is any impact to existing users when DISABLING this feature on a live site. (I would guess the answer is “nothing at all,” but when it’s a production site I always double check.)

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Yes, disabling should be completely safe. It’s only turning it on later that is problematic because it creates ambiguity.

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