Must-Have Plugins?

(Molly) #1

Now that I have my discourse community up and running, I’m looking to enhance the community experience.

I’m interested in hearing what plugins you all think are important to have. For context, our community is comprised of indie game enthusiasts and developers.

Right now I’m looking to install the Spoiler plugin.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Our plugin directory is here: plugin - Discourse Meta

To be honest the only one you really want at the moment is spoiler, for our next release we are focusing on extensibility so its likely a lot of more plugins that we can safely recommend.

Also, what problems are you trying to solve with plugins?

(Molly) #3

We haven’t really had any problems. I know that spoilers are the main ones for us right now. I just was wondering if people found other things particularly helpful for their communities.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

IMHO we should just bundle Spoiler. It’s very common functionality.

Discourse Version 1.3
(Molly) #5

I was actually about to make a post suggesting that haha. I honestly thought it was bundled to begin with.