Muted and non-emailed category for reference material

(Andrew Lombardi) #1

Been trying to find this via the admin but appears unable.

In our group we share books we’ve read, hotspots we’ve visited, but those things would make the board quite noisy if they were all posted and shown as unread individually as people throw their books up. First thought is to have a Category that is automatically muted for all users so it can be referenced later, but it won’t email out when topics get added to it, and it won’t show up in the Unread section.

Not really sure how exactly to solve this yet. Is there a way to do this with Discourse?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

I don’t understand the purpose of what you describe?

Also topics only show up as new for two days by default if it is a new topic.

If people are adding posts to a topic that you have previously posted in, then those posts would show up as new.

(Andrew Lombardi) #3

We have a category for “Books” and each book would be it’s own “topic” so it would engender conversations and reviews about a specific book. So there would be new topics for every book. And if everybody added their “best of”, it would get quite noisy.

Trying to find a way for these topics to be muted automatically in favor of going to the site and seeing them, rather than email and constant updates. Not sure.

(system) #4

(Sam Saffron) #5

The way you would do this today is by suppressing the category from latest via category settings