My community page doesn't come up in google search

(Neil) #1

I noticed it’s very easy usually to find topics from community pages by Discourse through a simple google search. But nothing to do with my community page even shows up? What do you guys recommend?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sign up at Google Webmasters – Support, Learn, Connect & Search Console – Google and see what the dashboard says.

(Neil) #3

still nothing, does anyone have any suggestions?

(Matt Palmer) #4

You’d have to ask Google why they haven’t indexed your site. Usually they find a new site quickly enough via incoming links, or you can use the webmaster tools to submit your site to be indexed, if you’ve got no incoming links.

(ljpp) #5

Are you linking/promoting your community on your main site I had a quick look at your site and at least the access to community is not very obvious (could not spot it in 60 seconds).

(Neil) #7

Not yet, we will be though.

@ljpp you think this is the issue?

(Matt Palmer) #8

It’s certainly not helping the situation. How do you expect Google to find your site if it isn’t linked-to from somewhere?

(Neil) #9

Obviously it doesn’t help. Im not sure whether that was the issue though. I had to request for the site to be crawled

(Kane York) #10

Not linking to the forums from your main site is also kinda the definition of anti-SEO. Just including a single link would help out the ratings.