My discourse is blank


My discourse is coming up with a blank page today. I’m not sure what to do as far as trouble shooting goes.

(Kane York) #2

Does anything show up in the developer console (F12)? How about /logs ?


Yes, /logs works. I’m seeing lots of undefined method errors.

I’m also able to see /upgrade. It says I’m running an older Docker image and need to upgrade. I tried upgrading but it seems to be stuck.

I recently upgraded to 1.4 beta6 a few days ago and seemed to work find afterwards.


I’m also seeing a lot of these messages in the upgrade console.

You are running an old version of bundler, please upgrade bundler ASAP, if you are using Discourse docker, rebuild your container.

(Kane York) #5

Okay then, you must have not rebuilt in a while. ssh in and run:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app


Thanks! That did the trick.

Why would my discourse suddenly stop working?

(Kane York) #7

Based on your comment about lots of undefined method errors, I’m guessing that some of the code got out of sync with each other. Rebuilding resets it all to a known state.

(Sam Saffron) #8

You were running an old image (when did you originally install Discourse?). We need to ensure that if your Discourse image gets out of date we alert you to do a rebuild.


I’m not sure exactly what version I first installed but it was around August 2014 when I first installed Discourse.