My forum Has 60 GB data can discoiurse run it smoothly?

(Veer) #1

I am currently Having 5 forums, want to import all of them in a single forum as categories, it is arounf 40 GB database total,
My question is can discourse handle this database combined ?
My resourses are
As i tried same in nodebb on Mongo it almost started hanging after 70 k rows (not the forum but the import process)

(Matt Palmer) #2

It’s not the amount of data that determines your system requirements (beyond the trivial ones of “do you have enough disk space?”), but rather page views. A heavily used forum, even with a much smaller database, will struggle on those system specs, whereas if your forum is only lightly trafficked, you’ll be fine.

I’d say you’ll likely run into a bottleneck in your RAM first (databases like lots of RAM, and Discourse app workers are a couple of hundred MB each), and then soon after probably CPU, depending on exactly how good they are.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

For migration it might take a while though. Migrating huge sites / databases from vBulletin (or whatever) to Discourse can be difficult for millions of topics, posts, etc.

(Veer) #4

All of them are BBpress forums. Traffic is not huge, its just 40k page views a day only the database combined will be the big. So i will part the import in 10k topics per import keeping in mind (Post_ids) and (, i doubt if the script start hanging after the database gets bigger, just like happedned in nodebb.)

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

Right. You’ll need to do some work so that the old ids don’t clash. Discourse uses those ids on the import and if they clash they’ll be skipped, I think.