My post on new non-PHP forum software

(flexihack) #1

I recently featured Discourse on one of my blog post about modern forum software. If you want to check it out, it’s available on TinyWebDev site.

Please let me know if I need to fix anything or add anything related to Discourse. Greatly appreciate it.

(Luke Larris) #2

Liking some of the other solutions you mentioned in there too, the only ones I knew about already were Discourse and NodeBB.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Interesting, I had never heard of this Legend project.

(Sam Saffron) #5


And yes, before you ask, we know about solutions like Discourse, Ning, Xenforo, GroupBuzz, Membermouse, Wishlist, Wordpress + plugin, and every other PHP “__” solution that is out there.

Nobody has even come close to nailing it.

Those are fighting words …

(Michael - #6

Nice article. Haven’t heard about Legion either. Not even a screenshot to be found - let’s wait and see.

Too bad you didn’t mention as a managed hosting alternative though :smile:

(Tomo Vukasović) #7

You live in stone age. It is called Legion and it is not coded yet, but it looks promising :slight_smile:

(etewiah) #8

Talk is cheap. You guys are doing real work, finding clever solutions to difficult problems. I am blown away but how much discourse offers. With time, others are sure to pick up on that.

(flexihack) #9

I will try to write a review article on your service after I test it out. :smiley:

(Kevin P. Fleming) #10

Many things that have not been written look promising. In fact, I’d wager that nearly all of them do.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #11

Also, there’s not one mention of open source or owning your data. Only “premium product”. Well then…

(flexihack) #12

I’m sorry? Those software are all open source.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Where in the Legion manifesto do they mention the words “open source”? Even the word “open” does not appear anywhere on the Medium page. I can’t find it.

Maybe you can confirm with them?

(flexihack) #14

Oh I guess you and @erlend_sh was talking about Legion. Sorry about that. I’m trying to reach out to them right now. Hopefully to hear from the team asap.

(rafalp) #15

Legion’s SaaS solution.

Also much <3 for mentioning Misago, which’s I’m author of :]

(flexihack) #16

Nice. Thanks for making Misago. :smile: it needs a lot more improvements though.

(Tomo Vukasović) #17

Good point. Successful people call it manifestation. The way you manifest is great part of success since someone out there is probably already manifesting similar thing.

I don’t mind paying for support and affordable product. Community software has always been bellow its price. Comparing of course to the time invested and complexity. I installed phpBB first version few months after it came out officially. Maybe 2 years later I moved to vBulletin which was great move forward at that time.

(flexihack) #18

I agreed with you. I found phpBB ugly from every point of view.

(Tomo Vukasović) #19

phpBB was OK at the time. It was the software that started one of my communities so I can’t say anything against it.

(flexihack) #20

I was wondering how come there isn’t any “huge” update for phpBB.

(Del Boy Trotter) #21


Vapourware ftw