My posts are being held for moderation?

(Scott) #1

Just curious, I noticed today any post I make whether it be a new topic, or reply is being held for moderation? I have looked over the do and don’ts again, as well as reviewed what the restrictions are for trust level one.

Did I do something I was not supposed to?

Thank you … Pops

(Robin Ward) #2

Yes, it’s the new akismet pipeline, where posts are moderated before being posted. I’m working on smoothing it out today. They are probably being approved within 30 seconds or so of posting.

(Scott) #3

Cool no worries, just glad it wasn’t something I did :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

There should be new copy for automated (vs manual) approval soon.

The current copy assumes manual approval and is not correct.

(Robin Ward) #5

The copy is in place as of yesterday afternoon.

Rather than vague automatic versus manual approval, I made it so that the thing that queues the post can tell you why. So Akismet has its own custom text:

(Jeff Atwood) #6

We have changed our minds on this and likely will go back to the old “post, then delete if it fails checks” method. I guess there is an analog in virus scanners, which look at files that already exist on disk, then quarantine them?

(Robin Ward) #7

I would like to revisit it though and try some different approaches for Akismet. I just think it requires more work to smooth it out.

In particular I like the idea of inserting your post at the bottom of your feed with a tentative “waiting for approval” message. It just needs a bunch of work to support that.

Should direct messages be approved?
(Jeff Atwood) #8

Work we probably do not have time for in this release. So I support the status quo there for now.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #9

Which topic describes how I can put a discourse forum into “every post needs approval” mode?

allowing me to edit & approve them, or send a message back to the OP if it’s not going to be approved?

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Search site settings for the word “approve”, it is fairly self explanatory.

Moderation of the entire forum