My Pros and Cons about Discourse


I’m gonna post my honest opinion after using discourse for about 3 month using discourse


  1. Discourse lightweight and fast
  2. Active community support
  3. Good Looking UI/UX
  4. Realtime updates (notifications, etc)
  5. Statistic and tracking
  6. Mobile friendly
  7. Free


  1. Complicated installation, you must have several intermediate knowledge about server.
  2. Lack of toolbar
    Unlike other forums, you have to type in special character like # ` or > and markdown code for specific format. So new user should take time to adapt.
  3. Programmer style - non friendly for forum user that clueless about computer
  4. So hard to edit or add layout to the forum (you need have intermediate knowledge of css and html)
  5. You can’t put directly files into the server such as .txt or .jpg to the main domain (like using FTP)
  6. Adding plugins need to restart (rebuild) and make the server down for a while
  7. Backup size too huge
  8. When you click something on toolbar you cant undo it (CTRL+Z)
  9. A few of profile page setting such as signature, etc.

(Kris) #2

Thanks for the feedback

Do you have any specific examples of where users had trouble?

New computer users may have trouble with many things beyond our control, but we’re always willing to hear where we could make things easier.


I mean the markdown thing, you need special character to put a specific format. Because that’s doesn’t exist on toolbar. It’s more like for programmer than people who came from social media

(Jeff Atwood) #10