My website is not showing in google

Hello guys,

what is the best practice to rise the rank of a discourse forum on google results, i added my website in google and not showing at all, i do understand that this software is different than wordpress, but it takes 1 weeks to have any wordpress website on the first 3 pages.

so what is the trick here for SEO.?

important to mention that i added my website a month ago, linked to google analytics and adsense also.

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Can you describe what you did to add it? Are you talking about the Google search console?

There’s no firm rule here, it depends on the amount of content available to those search terms more than anything else.

I would use the site operator to see how many pages from your instance currently appear in the index. Do a Google search for to see what I mean. Repeat for your own discourse instance.


i used the console to add the website, and i verified it by connecting it to google analytics.

7 pages of results are showing for my website.

All the usual SEO metrics apply here, if your site is small, has low traffic and no reputable inbound links then getting into the search index is going to be a very slow process. If your content is broadly available from larger high-traffic sites which have lots of inbound link traffic then it’s going to be even slower.

There aren’t really any tricks to speak of where that stuff is concerned.


Convinced… Thanks a lot.