"n people liked this." appears after expanded replies

(Lee Jenkins) #1

If I hit the “m replies” button on a post with likes and replies, the “n people liked this. Like it too.” line moves to the bottom of the expanded replies. One could also say that it simply stays at the bottom of the post, but I personally find it confusing, even with the offset from the expanded replies.

(Lee Jenkins) #2

I just noticed that this hasn’t bothered me in a while. It would seem that this is because the expanded replies have a slightly darker background than the rest of the post. I suppose that was not the case when I originally created this topic.

(Lee Jenkins) #3

According to this discourse blog,

You may notice grey tiger striping is gone, the intensity of grey quotes
is turned way down, and expanded quotes and replies no longer have grey

(emphasis added)

For whatever version the Soylent discourse is using, this made me, once again, do a double take while reading expanded replies. However after coming here to mention this, I discovered that Meta has a much more recent design for likes. So long as the expandable Like button right next to the Replies button (or something similar) sticks, my original point no longer seems to apply.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

There is still an issue – @eviltrout if you expand likes they should always be “on top” of the expanded replies (in the rare case both are expanded). Otherwise they are invisible.

(Robin Ward) #5

Fixed here:


(Jeff Atwood) #6