Naked domains and the docker install

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Any special advice or info on setting up discourse to without a subdomain? I’m setting up a site specifically for just a forum (at least that’s the original intent). Thus, I’ve been advised to use rather than say Any advice in regards to using a “naked” domain for this? Or pros and cons? I prefer that folks type mydomain into the address bar rather than www.

There’s an interesting discussion here regarding the use of www:

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Main problem is that cookies are now set for the entire domain, so every visit to everything on that domain will submit all cookies in every request.

If you never, ever plan to have any other subdomains and you are absolutely sure of that, there is no real downside. But if you are… I really regret going no-www for stackoverflow and stackexchange in retrospect.

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This is the best thing ever (it was linked from that website):

I demand a !

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This has the smell of tin-foil hats and an April fool’s joke having run amok.

Removing the www. from your website name is a good idea from a marketing point of view, but there’s no benefit in forcing this to be your site’s canonical name. Have redirect to with a 301 Moved Permanently and be done with it. You’ll have much less problems further down the line if/when you chose to host other web applications on different subdomains.

And if you actually buy into that whole “www. is deprecated” stuff, at least do it right and petition for a new, MX-like DNS record for webservers or an extension of HTTP that forces clients to look up a domain’s preferred webserver via SRV records. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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