Namecheap's private email not working


I’m using Namecheap’s private email service (with default DNS), but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions? Here are my settings:

DISCOURSE_SMTP_USER_NAME: admin@[domain I registered].com
DISCOURSE_SMTP_PASSWORD: [password I use to log into email]

I’ve also referred to this similar post (turn on TLS, set port to 26) with no luck.

In the production logs I’ve got this multiple times:

Sent mail to admin@[domain I registered].com (10381.3ms)
Job exception: Connection reset by peer

(Tumi) #2

Hello , It is work or not ?

(Mohamed Farahat) #3

It works fine
But i stopped the project

(Tumi) #4

Did you test is for big communiity or not really ? How many mails arrived to spam folder ?

(Mohamed Farahat) #5

Hi @Biarity check this out Solution for privateemail configurations

no it was just a test. non of them arrived to the spam folder

(Tumi) #6

Thank for info. Did you know it is possible to use 2 emails accounts or more (for example for namecheap) to use for one installation of discourse . I asking becouse email hosting have a limit to 200 mails per hour.