"Native" static pages

Continuing the discussion from How to regenerate FAQ and TOS pages?:

@gerhard, what prevents using the same strategy as with existing static pages (FAQ, ToS) to create new ones? It seems cleaner to me to have “static pages” created this way than having a redundant strategy for this (e.g., static pages plugin that uses a completely different approach).

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I’m not an expert plugin developer. I think that it’s a pretty good idea but that the routes (URLs) would need to be hard coded.

I guess hard-coding the routes sound a bit difficult since the idea would be to allow any site to provide a variety of static pages based on their own needs. But if they appeared in the SiteSettings, and would follow some kind of ‘disposal protocol’ (e.g., using permalinks 301 if they are renamed, or 410 if they are gone), would that count as ‘hard-coded’ enough?