Navigating to a none existing / private page. Refresh will break back navigation

(lid) #1


1.Go to a link that takes you no where (404) No where is here

2.Refresh the page F5

3.Try to hit the back button

You are not going to be able to come back to this topic or any previous history.
the url will change but the page will stay as not exists

###Expected result:
Hitting the back button will take you back to the page you came from

###Proposed fix
Adding the following code to the error page, should allow the browser to preserve it back navigation.

window.onpopstate = function(event) {
  if (!window.hasOwnProperty("Discourse")){  //check if Discourse object exists if not take care of back navigation
    window.location = document.location

(lid) #2

Oh well there is a different bug on the current version of discourse hitting a none existing page
Here you get a blank page. but you can still reproduce the same behavior on refresh

cc: @eviltrout

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Can you take a look at this tomorrow @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #4

Fixed the refreshTitle error here, thanks for letting me know:

(Robin Ward) #5

Your fix worked well, thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #6