Navigation bar search results


It’s great that your Discourse already have in-topic search with instant search results representing and instant jumping to the selected one. But it’s bad that if user search for something and does NOT find what he looking for by the first search&jump try - current in-topic search implementation force user to open search field&results again and navigate one-by-one again and again - it’s not very bad, but still not very convenient and time wasting for users.

I suggest a very simple but more user friendly solution:
A) Add to navigation bar top&bottom special fast shortcuts for instant jump to search results as: at top Search prev, at bottom Search next - by clicking them users will instantly jump to correspond posts. Also you can add some marks on navigation bar for each search result maybe even with simple icons to display which posts have URL/image/video/file attachment. Or for minimizing you can display search results marks only and display all details on mouse hover.
B) Also will be nice to separate search text or search posts by user, maybe like a switcher.
C) Also suggestion #B from that topic: Navigation bar shotcuts - also can be placed at Search block as logic “search reply’s to me”. If user will click “search reply’s” but will not enter any user name - search will display all reply’s to current user. If user will enter any user name and click “search reply’s” - search will display all reply’s to current user from exact user.

Thus overall with #B+C suggestions search block can look like this:
:speech_balloon: :male_detective: :arrow_right_hook: […search field…]

BTW to minimize server load by unneeded search and to avoid of unintentional jump to extended search - I would prefer the next interaction behavior: at topics pages by default search inside this topic, start search only after press Enter, additional button “Extended search” or “More settings” etc.

I don’t have proper search requests forum statistics to be sure that separation of search “by users name only” + “by text only” vs “any text” is really needs or not? Maybe you think it’s not important, then with possibility to switch search from “all text” to “at reply’s only” the Search block can look like this:
[all / reply’s] […search field…] [extended search:].

I’m sure it will be very useful and time saving for most users.

Waiting for your reply.