Need a roadmap for post-1.0 development

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Continuing the discussion from Where is this development roadmap?:

With 1.0 done, I believe an official roadmap would be hugely beneficial. I’m just talking about a very basic page of “stuff that is being worked on right now or otherwise up in the air”.

No need for ETAs or explicit feature plans for each version. Those are inevitably subject to change anyhow.

The big questions on my mind are:

  1. Where is my input most wanted right now?
  2. What features are likely to arrive in the next, or the following, stable release?

For instance…

  • There’s been lots of talk about adding Tagger to core, or at least making it an official plugin and applying some changes to core to better accommodate it.
  • Is it time to start working on an official plugin repository?
  • … or perhaps a v1.0 plugin API and documentation should come first.
  • Custom theming is in dire need of improvements imo. Basic styling & color scheme changes is in good shape, but custom, shareable themes are practically non-existent.

Example Roadmap(++) - WordPress

I’m quite fond of WordPress’ entire Make section, but that’s a broader discussion for another day.

At this point all I’m looking for is a “prospective features” thread.

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One thing the team is already planning to put together are release notes for each forthcoming stable release.

Getting through a couple iterations with a retrospective feature list via those means will also help us get a better feel for the amount of change in each stable release.

While that’s looking back instead of looking forward, I think it will help to inform this discussion quite a bit as well.

I lean more toward #1 than #2.

As a baby step, I think it’d be good to follow up each release with a short post that combines the release notes (or a link to them) with what your asking for here in some loose form:

  1. Here’s what we shipped in this release
  2. Here’s what’s on the top of our list now
  3. Here’s where help or input from the community is most wanted

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See the #releases category here.

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