Need context for keys: notify_moderators

(Anton) #1

Could you please drop a hint about this key - how it is used, i.e. in which context?



Original English string:

flagged this for moderator attention

(Jeff Atwood) #2

In the pm that is sent when a flag reaches threshold.

(Anton) #3

Are there any prefixes, e.g.:

[userX] flagged this for moderator attention

(Kane York) #4

No, it’s the string displayed below a post when it’s flagged with a custom reason.

@meglio the prefix will be an avatar, I believe. Or “2 people” / " 1 person".

(Anton) #5

Then the string needs pluralization.

(Anton) #6

It is still unclear how to translate this to Ukrainian/Russian.

If “1 person” / “2 persons” is used as a prefix to this phrase, then the string needs pluralization.

If an avatar (or multiple avatars) can be used as a prefix, it would still make sense to make the phrase pluralizable. The translation would be different.

It may be also useful to make a placeholder for avatars:

{avatars} flagged this for staff attention