Need context for some Poll strings

(Anton) #1

Will these phrases always follow a singular noun?

If yes, could that noun be included into the string as a macro so that the context is more clear?
It is not obvious how to translate such things to Russian because a verb form varies depending on the subject.


(Sebastien Miquerolle) #2

poll.cannot_add_or_remove_options => plurial
poll.cannot_have_modified_options => plurial
poll.must_contain_poll_options => singular (texte after “Body”)

(Anton) #3

Still unclear.
Could you please put a real message examples here?

(Sebastien Miquerolle) #4

Body must contain a list of poll options

Poll options cannot be modified after the first five minutes. Contact a moderator if you need to change them.

Poll options can only be edited, not added or removed. If you need to add or remove options you should lock this topic and create a new one.

(Anton) #5

Thank you, added corresponding comments in Transifex.

What about Close Poll and Open Poll?
What’s difference between Show/Hide Poll?

(Gerhard Schlager) #6

Do you mean Show results / Hide results? Those are the buttons underneath the poll where you can show or hide the results of the poll. I suggest you head over to where you can try working with polls yourself.

(probus) #7

Thanks, I took me a while to figure out how to get them to display. I must ask, why are the strings ‘Body’ and ‘Poll options’ separate strings from the rest? The translations end up looking like they came from Google translate. It would be much easier to translate whole sentences.

(Anton) #8

Which language is it about?