Need help and advice about Discourse setup

(William) #1

I posted here last week but it seemed to have been completely deleted. I cant type the whole thing again so I’ll be brief.

I’ve wanted discourse for months now, but for many reasons not able to. Since then I’ve moved my server to VPS with digital ocean, with this package

2 CoreProcessor
60GBSSD Disk

I now want to integrate Discourse for my forums, on my community site. Will this droplet/server be enough?

And is the process complex??

Please let me know, it’s urgent.

Thanks a lot.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

The $10 droplet (1 GB RAM, single core CPU, 30 GB disk) is enough for Discourse.

Follow our official installation guide and it should work great.

(William) #3

I dont get the notifs for posts to my email, that’s weird???

Thanks that’s awesome news!!

Addtionally my site uses comments as reviews (its a business marketplace/directory)

Will this cause any conflicts??

(Kane York) #4

Don’t think it was last week…