Need help deploying Discourse on a VPS server with WordPress on it

(Mauro) #1

I totally new to Discourse and I’m looking for information to see if I have enough hardware to host Discourse for a small forum.

I have a VPS with 1.5GB of RAM (burstable up to 4GB) and 2.5GB of swap (on SSD, if that makes any difference) running kernel 2.6.32. I’m also currently running WordPress with MySQL and Apache.
The largest amount of RAM used by WordPress I’ve seen is around 600MB and about 200MB of swap memory.
For now, I believe there won’t be more 5-10 users at a time, tops 15-20 around users but not all the time.

Any help will be appreciated.

(Matt Palmer) #2

“Burstable” RAM suggests strongly that you’ve got a Virtuozzo / OpenVZ container, not a real VPS, which from previous conversations doesn’t, seemingly, support Docker. I also don’t think that a 2.6.32 kernel will be happy running Docker (3.19 is the minimum we recommend, although 3.13 “kinda works”). The RAM/swap situation probably wouldn’t be a limiting factor on a reasonably small site.

(Mauro) #3

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m actually using Inmotion Hosting with the VPS-1000 plan if that helps for more details, thought I’m feeling disappointed about the kernel version.
Do you know if there is a such a thing as requiring an upgrade to the web host?

(Matt Palmer) #4


We utilize Virtuozzo, a virtualization solution built on top of OpenVZ.

So, yeah. Virtuozzo. That doesn’t play well with Docker. My personal opinion is that calling a VZ container a “VPS” verges on deceptive advertising, but I’m a curmudgeon like that.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that, but if you’re thinking you can “force” the hosting provider to upgrade their infrastructure, the answer is definitely “no”. You’ll need to get a new hosting provider (at least for the forum). Given that you’re currently paying, by the look of it, $30/month for your VZ container, you could switch to Digital Ocean, get a better service, and save money.

Installing discourse on 'inmotion hosting'
(Mauro) #5

Oh, I thought that because I have a “VPS” that meant I could upgrade the OS I’m using, but I get that they run the same version across the infrastructure. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice on Digital Ocean, I know a VMs, but I wasn’t aware of the different kinds and how hosting providers get away with deceptive advertising.

I’ll have to change plans and figure out what I can do.

Thanks for the info and your time.

(Matt Palmer) #6

Oh, don’t get me started… although I reserve the really polysyllabic bad words for misuse of the word “unlimited”… :grinning:

(Mauro) #7

I’ve been looking into my options and I think I’ll be going with a new VPS server just for Discourse. However, I have a few questions:

I came across a 2015 post from Digital Ocean saying that I need a 2GB plan to run Discourse. Is this still true? Do you know if the company now lets you create a one-click VPS with Discourse one it with the 1GB of RAM plan (this is the plan I can pay)?

If I can’t create a one-click VPS with Discourse, is there any risk installing Discourse manually in Digital Ocean?

If I start using Digital Ocean, do I need to configure any sort of security for server to properly run Discourse? Besides using a strong password, fial2ban, and turning on ufw – Just as a general practice, I always use semi-managed server and I never needed to deal with security and server protection, so this is new territory for me.

For now, I created a VM on may local machine to test the software, but it seems that I can’t get the smtp working, is there any command I can use on Ubuntu to activate a Discourse admin account?

Finally, looking into Digital Ocean, the name Linode came up, which offer a similar configuration for $10, but they give you 2GB of RAM? Is there any difference between the two hosting companies in terms of service and reliability?


(Matt Palmer) #8

DigitalOcean still requires a 2GB droplet on their one-click install.

We use the standard installation instructions ourselves for all our $99 self-supported installs, and it seems to work fine, so I’d say the “risk”, of whatever flavour, is minimal.

The Ubuntu droplet comes fairly well protected by default, but yes, you’ll want to use a strong password (or, better still, just use SSH keys).

rake admin:create run in /var/www/discourse in the container should get you an admin account sans e-mail.

We don’t recommend Linode as a provider, due to various unspecified concerns with their security.

(Mauro) #9

Thanks a bunch for the info and time.

I’m now finally running Discourse on a vm locally, getting the hang of it, and soon moving to a real server.