Need Help - Discourse New Installation Forum Mail Not Working

I Install Discourse VIA Digitalocean one-click Apps
I configure the SMPT by following this discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub guide while Setup
After that while creating the New Admin account I am not receiving Emails :frowning:

I try Mailgun and Sendgrid Not working :frowning:



thanks bro let me check this

Have you followed the steps to troubleshoot email in the topic linked by @vinothkannans?

yes yes Follow this guide to discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub install it from Stack :frowning:

Does sendgrid or mailgun show any failures?

nope no Failures seems SMPT Port 587 is Blocked on My DO Droplet I submit support ticket to DO waiting for their reply

I had an install that couldn’t connect to mailgun. I filled tickets with mailgun and digital ocean. I solved it by using port 2525.

There was no explanation, and the client didn’t care. I saw something at digital ocean about some kind of network problem.

port 2525 ???
I am waiting for DO support team Reply I submit a tick about this issue no issue on Mailgun side

I don’t believe that it is encrypted. You can try and see if it works, though. If so you’ll know that something is blocking port 587. Digital ocean cousins that they block smtp ports on ipv6.

Thanks for your reply guys
My issue got Fixed by DO team
Mails are now Working Fine :slight_smile: