Need help dns settings nameservers multiple hosts

( nikos) #1

Thank you guys. Awesome work. thank you again for this forum.engine.

I setup a dozen discourse and deleted most kept a couple but i need.your help.because i am clueless with unix and setting up proper dns.
I usually get it.done but i don’t want to waste a week on a simple thing.
Here goes
I have a domain name with godaddy registered
Nameserverw point to my server

I want discourse installled on

On my cpanel linux machine i handle the sample. Com and email
I want my domain and droplet
I want to set dns to do this without pointing from godaddy to the droplet but through my chanel nameservers.
Sorry if this sounds complicated.
Thank you

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

If cpanel will let you enter the IP of your Discourse forum for, then that’s all you need to do. I can’t quite tell if your cpanel will allow you to direct subdomains to arbitrary IP addresses or whether you’ll need to do it with GoDaddy’s interface.

( nikos) #3

Thank you.
I cannot use go daddy to set dns settings.
Have to do it on my own server.

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To automate the creation of these deployments as forums i cannot expect to own the domains i am helping to have have a discourse. They point to my nameserver and it happens to be 99% a cpanel asmallorange machine. Since 2003 running fine but i love the feel of the droplets and discourse is genius for any forum admin ahead of the crowd

Cpanel gives me permissions but now i have 2 IP. The smallorange ip for www and the digitalocean for the

Dns.wise what dns line is responsible for landing the

That’s my current one we make custom racing parts so busy but i would appreciate your help with dns because i cannot.keep bothering my client to change nameservers again.

Maybe.its.not.possible for security reasons i doubt it bevauae i run a site.for.9 years alone so i am sure its a matter of 3 commands
True story after 5 years and 50k regulars one user said check your dns.i think you have not set the A etc etc
So this time its straight forward with.jeffs and his associates excellent deployment but i would greatly appreciate your.advice how.i.can get this right if possible

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

What “line” it is depends on what it is you’re using to manage your DNS. If cpanel will let you assign hosts and IPs you can do it there.

In the cpanel that I have access to you can redirect to another domain, but it doesn’t appear that you can assign a different IP to a different domain.

This is a question for the people who run your cpanel.

( nikos) #6

thank you again

I manage to get it up and running short of messy

for starters when a new user gets an email to register it only work if i replace the registration link with the ip instead of the web address…

the solution is to edit the subdomain file inside cpanel with root, to connect the suddomain user name with the new IP, assigne custom DNS and restart apache

even though it might work, I would like to know if you guys can help change the registration email to do it for now with the IP address until the DNS updates…

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

I can’t tell exactly what you have done, but it doesn’t quite sound like it’ll work. You can test whether your name server is doing the right thing from the command line with


That will work even before the DNS has propagated (since is where the data will propagate from).

You can find out what your name servers are with

 whois | grep Name

I’m sure that there are web sites that will do these lookups for you, but they didn’t exist when I learned about dig and whois, so I don’t know what they are. :slight_smile:

No. By the time someone could write code to fix it, your DNS would have propagated (if it’s set up right). It doesn’t make sense to write code to support things that are broken.