Need help identifying what I need for my website

(William) #1

Hey guys, I’m confused about the plans. Is it free to implement on my wordpress site, and then only pay for the hosting on your side? Or what exactly is the buy it option? Please let me know that.

Not because Im cheap, but because Im on a very low budget pre the launch of my web businesses. I will gladly pay for such amazing forum software, when I have the budget, which wont be too long.

The next thing is, would it be possible to get a widget or box displaying on the side of our forum page displaying “Likes earned”, as in top liked people for the month, or all time.

Like these guys have:

Im trying to install it on my WP site, but cant find the API key, and when I access the URL I specified it doesnt work. Please advise me on all of the above.

Thanks and love your software!!

Need help and advice about Discourse setup
(Michael Downey) #2

Discourse is free and open source software, which means you don’t have to pay to download and use it. You’re also free to modify the code to use as you wish.

The “Buy” option on refers to hosting. The Discourse organization offers a paid option if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Finally, Discourse is a separate application and does not run inside WordPress. You need to install it on a server.

PS: I’m also not sure that your subject “Urgent Please Reply!” is a good first impression when your message doesn’t seem urgent at all.

(William) #3

This is my second post as the last one was removed (im guessing your daily reset) this is why I said urgent.

That’s awesome news man thanks very much.

But I cant seem to find the “Api” Key or other info for the fields in the Wordpress plugin backend.

Do you have a guide on how to set this up? I’ve searched and couldnt find any.

Thank you

(cpradio) #4

Do you have a Discourse installation already setup and running?

(Michael Downey) #5

While is reset, this site is not, so you shouldn’t have to worry.

You should be able to generate an “All Users” API key in your site’s admin section at Or, you can go to a user’s admin settings and generate an API key for a specific user.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can find more support information for the WordPress plugin at: wordpress - Discourse Meta

(William) #6

When I go to that link there’s errors (its blank)

(cpradio) #7

The link for admin/api? Because it is a fake link, you have to go there on your Discourse installation. You can use Meta or Try for it.

(William) #8

Yep! I feel stupid but I cant find it. Only profile/bookmark etc

(cpradio) #9

Click the hamburger menu, then Admin, the API (you must be an admin account)

(William) #10

Ah, im not an admin account. How do I become one?

(Michael Downey) #11

Review the installation instructions at discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub
and pay careful attention to the section “Register New Account and Become Admin”.

(William) #12

I’ve tried but cant find how? Btw im not a developer. Do I have to install droplet and all that? :S I simply want to implement your awesome software on my site

(Michael Downey) #13

Yes, you have to install Discourse before you can use it. :smile: See the above link for installation instructions.

(cpradio) #14

Or signup at DigitalOcean and pay them to do the install (I think they offer that… The Discourse Hosting Page offers to do the install too for a fee)

(William) #15

Will I need to be a coder to do it? Or can I just follow the instructions? I am quite IT Literate.

(William) #16

you’re quite funny :p, however I was under the impression Installing it on my wordpress would install it

(William) #17

can I not install on my hostgator server?

(James Hayward) #18

Discourse is a piece of software in its own right, just like Wordpress.

What you would be installing on Wordpress is a link between your Wordpress installation and your Discourse installation that allows you to use Discourse as the comment engine for Wordpress.

You need to install Discourse on your server (or a different server) before you can do this. The installation instructions posted above can help you install it, but if you are not experienced at that sort of thing you would probably be better off with the Discourse hosting.

Hostgator is unlikely to support it on the lower plans - you would probably need a VPS plan with them to install Discourse.


(Manthan Mallikarjun) #19

Nope. You need to install it on a vps. Digital ocean offers $10 promo codes so you can find one and use it.

(William) #20

If I may be so bold to ask guys, whats the difference between discourse and something like Anspress?
In terms of features and functionality.

Not trying to be funy really just weighing options here, I love your software. Budget is just really tight prelaunch.