Need help on importing IPB to Discourse

I installed discourse on google cloud via docker, trying to upload the sql file and import some users from IPB4. I have filezilla setup and running, problem is that I don’t have permission to upload anything under discourse folders, I probably can upload files via ssh terminal but I’m pretty new to VMs and have absolutely no idea on coding. I was hoping if someone can show me a way on how to gain the permission to upload files via a sftp client or there’s potentially another way of doing this?
Thanks in advance.

You need to set up a local developer instance to do an import / migration.


You can install mysql in another container or on the host. And then you can look at some how to documents here for how to run an import in a container.

It’s probably easier to install a development

Strangely, even though you

Strangely, The development environment is probably easier.

If you have a budget you can post in #marketplace. I wrote the ipb4 importer. My contact info is in my profile. Or see


so I’ve been browsing some tutorials recently, mostly from the post here: Importing an IPB 3.1 Forum into Discourse – problem is that I always get a

bash: ipb.sql: No such file or directory

error while trying to import the sql file to the database with command line

mysql -u username -p databasename < /path/ipb.sql

I tried to move the sql file to different folders and ran the code numerous times but had no luck. Any hint to point me on the right path again would be really awesome.

From the post you linked,

this will result in the file to be located at /shared/ipb.sql in the docker container (assuming you use the standard docker setup). So you have to replace /path/ipb.sql with /shared/ipb.sql