Need Help: PDF file forced download : will not open inline

(Matthew Lee) #1


I am running the latest version of discourse and have found that for some reason downloads of attachments are being forced to download. They used to open inline, but for some reason they are now have their content disposition set to attachment.

I have tried to delete the polls plugin via editing the containers .yml file.

However details of this plugin do not exist in this file

I have also rebuilt discourse twice.

I am not too sure what is causing the issue.

Is it Discourse or has my web host ‘digitalocean’ changed how http headers work?

Either way I am not too sure what the solution is, can you help?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

File attachments should download as attachments. That is as designed.

Howto open PDF files in same browser window?
(Matthew Lee) #3

It works okay for me. I have an associate who cannot download or open anything.

I figure there is a problem with their OS, browser or internet connection.

I had a similar problem once and I just reinstalled Windows 10

Thanks for your time