Need help! with gmail and discourse

Hello, I got Dicourse and running and I’m using to host my discourse forum. But it seems like I can’t get the email setup right. It will fail I’m trying to use a email. I think I’m doing everthing right. Here’s my config I think I have it all setup correct but when I try and do a test email. I get this Can someone help me?

You are going to have a really hard time, first bitnami is not recommended at all for Discourse, it is consistently out of date and difficult to upgrade, and second gmail is not meant to server as your email server, you will quickly find yourself either blacklisted or denied due to rate limiting.


How would i setup mailgun then?

These steps, would still be relevant (I think)

You just have to find your relevant sections to setup DNS records


There are several topics about configuring mail. If you want step help, you an get it here $99 Discourse Install – Literate Computing, LLC

Ok Thank you for this tutorial

Could I install debain with bitnami as a plain machine and install discourse by hand ?

You need to follow the official install guide for it to be supported.


If @mikechristopher wasn’t clear, you might be able to do all kinds of things, but if you want any help here whatsoever, you need to follow the install guide.

If you want to install on a Raspberry Pi with an integrated mail server reverse proxied over your phone connection, you probably could, but you’ll be on your own.