Need some small queries answered on web container

Regarding separate container guide given on this topic, I’ve a few doubts mentioned under the same topic.

Although the same may already have been answered on Meta, but to find and understand these, patience is needed (which is not always available).

Though the list of these queries may look as ‘many’, but all questions are related to each other. Most of them just need a ‘yes-no’ or just a single sentence to answer.

So, I only want to pay a small token amount of 10 to 15 dollars.


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Hey @BobbyZopfan

I’d try my best to answer your questions, feel free to ask them in PM or via email
Since it’s just QnA, I’m not charging anything.

Happy to Help.


I’d appreciate even if you try.

And would like to pay out of my own wish, if you can clear the doubts.


I’ll try my best. I’ve recently (successfully) deployed multi container installs for some customers so I am quite confident answering your questions regarding the web container. You already have my contact info above, feel free to share your questions.


But I already am awaiting a response to my email to you.

Are You Bathinda Helper?

I’m sorry I thought it was someone spamming my inbox.


Yeah. That’ me.

We can chat over any other medium also, if that’d be more convenient.

I’ll reply with my telegram details to you over that email.


Mr @itsbhanusharma is a great person.
Helpful. Knowledgeable. And lucid (doesn’t hold when he starts sharing some knowledge with you on some topic).

I’m really thankful.


And so is @Steven

I still remember, when I was just a beginner with Discourse, he was the one to pull me out of water.

And omnipresent @pfaffman who helps all without 2nd thought. Without judging people. I forgot his name first because he has helped me anonymously, i.e. in running topics. A topic not being addressed to him specifically. He has helped me in this way many many times. I’d definitely owe him.

So, thank you all 3 of you.

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Thanks for the kind words, Happy to help.

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