Need to change link from dofollow to nofollow

Currently I have posted all links on my forum with one user and given trust level 4. So by default they are all dofollow link.

Now I want to change all links to nofollow so i have to set that user trust level 3 and
tick to tl3 links no follow in admin setting

I have found below option in >Settings > Developer
rebake old posts count: 100
Number of old posts to be rebaked every 15 minutes.

If i add my total post count in above number then it will automatic change after time period.

Example: If I have 400 Post then it will be complete in 60 Mins.

Am I correct or require other changes to make dofollow link to nofollow link.

I believe that setting is just when an upgrade requires a rebake.

You’ll need to rebake from the console. If you have many thousands of messages you can rebake just that user’s posts with a bit of work. If it’s a new community, just doing them all will be easier.


Currently I have only 1000 topics

Is this code work to rebake all post ?

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rake posts:rebake


652 / 830 ( 78.6%)/usr/local/bin/rake: line 2: 4310 Killed RAILS_ENV=production sudo -H -E -u discourse bundle exec bin/rake “$@”

I have received above error. while enter above code.

can you please help me, what i have to do next.

That’s odd. Just try again. Maybe do a rebuild first.


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