Need to change the logo link in header

(Rahul Banker) #1


I have on WordPress and on Discourse. I want the discourse logo to lead to homepage. Is that possible?


I might have the same request, but a question for you though. How could users return to the homepage? Still haven’t figured out the best way to solve this.

(Rahul Banker) #3

I think I figured . . . I created a custom header like . . .you can see it live right now on and I think its convenient


Same solution here. I used the main site header on top of Discourse header.

(Alexandra) #5

@bankerrahul I like what you did. Would you mind sharing how exactly you placed that main header on top of the Discourse header? That would be very helpful (I am new to Discourse and not very good at css …)

Btw: I noticed that the main header does not show on mobile. Is that on purpose?

(Rahul Banker) #6

sure, these are the two things I did :

(Rahul Banker) #7

I’m yet to work on the mobile side though


+1 waiting here :grinning:

(Rahul Banker) #9

replied above to the other comment


I meant I’m waiting for mobile side customization

(Jeff Atwood) #11

The “READ ME FIRST: Getting Started” topic, included in the Staff category of every Discourse install, also covers how to add a basic HTML header navigation.

(Rahul Banker) #12

sure, I’ll update once I figure that one out

(Rahul Banker) #13

Is there a way to make the forum list area white and change only the background color like on howtogeek? Right now when I change background color, it adds to everything and posts go unreadable

(Alexandra) #14

Wow, that was quick. Thanks!

(Alexandra) #15

I saw that @codinghorror, thanks.

Because I am really not good at figuring out css positioning @bankerrahul’s reply was very helpful since it allows me to take things a little bit further.

(Rahul Banker) #16

@lostintime@ossama I figured that one. . .just have to click on that mobile button on the screenshot above and paste those two codes at the same place! :slight_smile:


Perrrfect! Thanks @bankerrahul!

(Alexandra) #18

That’s brilliant @bankerrahul. Thanks again!