Need to find a topic

Hi, I realized that I cannot find a certain wiki-topic where I added some text.


  1. There are some problems with searching in wiki-topics (search pattern is cuba-platform)
  2. The activity done in wiki-topics is not saved to user’s profile

The topic I wonder to find was about a list of websites using Discourse, probably in community category (a big topic with a lot of sites). No chance to find it using forum search or google (deleted?).

Will be very appreciated if somebody point me to this topic.

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking for?

Is this the topic you are looking for? Please visit our Discourse Forum! (Directory). The topic has been edited and closed.


Wow, you are fantastic! Your answer is exactly what I want to find :slight_smile:

Opened it, I found that the topic is in my favorites…

So my questions to team are:

  1. Is it correct not to see this topic in search results anymore by pattern I wrote to that topic a couple of time ago? Is this because the topic has been truncated or closed?
  2. Why my edit of that wiki post completely lost? There is no any mention in my activity. It is just saved in my favorites.