'Nested' replies?

I’m sure there’s a setting I’ve missed, but I can’t see it.

On this forum, I can see that when a user replies to a comment, it gets ‘nested’, as per screenshot (i.e. ‘3 replies’ link).

However, on my forum when you reply to a comment it just gets added as a new reply - not related to the one it replied to. Make sense? i.e. There is no ‘1 reply’ link etc…

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There are a few ways to reply to a post:

  • reply to topic as a whole, reply button at bottom of topic
  • reply to specific post, reply button on post menu
  • quote reply, select some text and select quote button that pops up

Depending on how you reply, it displays variously.

In your screenshot you are showing what happens with a quote reply.


Please see screenshot attached. I am wanting to get replies ‘nested’ like this, but they don’t seem to be. Can you see the way the two replies are displayed under the ‘2 replies’ link?

I was expected the below to happen automatically when, as you said: ‘‘reply to specific post, reply button on post menu’’. It’s like this reply I’ve just made. I hit ‘Reply’ to your comment above but it’s not nested - even though I replied directly to your post. Hmm.

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If you go back to the topic from your screenshot you should be able to see that this doesn’t happen for consecutive responses.

Both of those replies were from when users hit the post-level reply button but weren’t the next response in the topic.

There’s no concept of nesting or threading within Discourse. It’s just a little visual indicator for post-level replies which sit further down the topic.


Nesting doesn’t really occur in discourse as in other forum systems you may be familiar with. It is flat.

For convenience when you reply to or quote a specific post it will display a summary in your reply and let you link back to it, but not If your reply is directly below the post you are replying to. It’s right there so you can see it above your reply.