Network error: shows json resource link in error message

(lid) #1

How is having a link-able json resource in the error message is beneficial to the end user.

I understand how having it for development or getting issue reports from clients, but does it have to be linkable?

  1. should we reveal underline objects to the user. why not telling the user for example
    while trying to load /users/lid/activity and then link to the actual page that failed to load

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think it’s reasonable, in the sense that it’s an “extra” bit of info that you can use if you care. Like a footnote or details.

(Kane York) #3

Yeah, I made the call to include it in case it was a 500 Server Error or 403 Forbidden response or similar, so the user could deduce “Maybe it’s a bug” or “Maybe it won’t ever work” or “The work filter is blocking it based on a plain-text search on the url” as appropriate.