Never go through of Mail server configuration

(Mực Tàu) #1

It took nearly the whole night, but I am so crazy with this problem.
Firstly, I register for an account at using my gmail account, And the password is 123456 (example).

And then, I fill the following information:

DISCOURSE_SMTP_ADDRESS:           # (mandatory)
DISCOURSE_SMTP_PORT: 587                                 # (optional)
DISCOURSE_SMTP_PASSWORD: 123456                          # (optional)

It does not work totally. I mean no confirmation mail is sent. Do I need to do anything further in my account on sparkpost?
Please, please help.

(Régis Hanol) #3

(greggman) #4

This page shows how to test sending email Specifically

# Swaks is an smtp of CURL, install it first:
curl -o swaks
# Set the permissions for the script so you can run it
chmod +x swaks
# now send!
./swaks --auth \
        --port 587 \
        --server \
        --au username \
        --ap yourpass \
        --to \
        --h-Subject: "Hello" \
        --body 'Testing some Mailgun awesomness!'

–au is your username
–ap is your pasword
–server in your case should be
–to is some address you want to send to to see you got the mail

It worked for me. It showed me my email was working. I could then look other places for errors. It it doesn’t work then you know the issue is your mail system, not discourse.

(Régis Hanol) #5

First, you should NEVER ever post your login/password online.

Second, can you tell us what is not working?

(Mực Tàu) #6

That is just an example buddy. I get stuck with mail server configuration. There has not been any specific instruction about it yet.

(Régis Hanol) #7

Ok, nevermind then.

What exactly are you stuck on?

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(Mực Tàu) #9

I get lost from here. I do not know what I am gonna do from this step. I am so sorry since I do not much knowledge about IT.

(Mực Tàu) #10

It does not work! That is all I can do :frowning:

(Régis Hanol) #11

What doesn’t work? What have you tried that makes you say that? eg. have you tried sending the test email in the admin section?

(Mực Tàu) #12
No confirmation is sent after registering. That is the problem because I do not know how to configure the mail server.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Please read our email troubleshooting topic and answer each section?